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Because we consolidate all publishers offers in one easy to use location!

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Free Shipping in most cases.

Some publishers minimums may apply.



BooksFree Book Processing

Most companies offer free shelf-ready processing. Some require a minimum purchase.



lifetimewarrantyUnconditional Binding Warranty

All publishers library bindings are guaranteed for as long as you own the book.




Large District Discounts

Specially negotiated discounts can be arranged as well as combined billing services. We also have opening day collection discounts from 30% – 40%.



freetrialoffersFree Trial Offers

Both interactive books and e-books are available from several publishers in a 30 day free trial offer.



Free Samples, just ask!

Free samples from any publisher you see represented on this site.


BooksNo Returning Previews!

With Book Look you see the books in your library, pick out what you want and never have to pack up another preview box!


ipadFree iPads, iPad Minis, MacBook Airs,  Chromebooks and/or Free Books

See Publisher’s Offers for details!