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AV2 by Weigl Publishing Offers

AV2 by Weigl Publishers is offering a 50% discount off of catalog list price for any purchase of 50 Titles. Once selected, all additional titles are also 50% off of catalog list price. Any combination of titles that add up to 50 titles qualify.logo-with-online-catalog-and-order-forms-text

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Who is AV2 by Weigl?

Associated imprintsEyediscover (interactive read-a-long non-fiction), AV2 Let’s Read, AV2 Spanish, AV2 Storytime, AV2 Fiction Readalong, AV2 World Languages, AV2 Audio Chapter Books.  What is an AV2 book? Look for the AV2 demo link on the website under AV2 as well as the most current promos and offers from this publisher!