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Who is Who?

An Overview of all Publishers Currently Represented

Mike White – Publishers Rep since 1989 –


AV2 (Weigl) Publishers-

Associated imprintsEyediscover (interactive read-a-long non-fiction), AV2 Let’s Read, AV2 Spanish, AV2 Storytime, AV2 Fiction Readalong, AV2 Audio Chapter Books.  What is an AV2 book? Look for the AV2 demo link on the website under AV2 as well as the most current promos and offers from this publisher!


Bearport Publishing-

Associated imprints: Ruby Tuesday.  What are Bearport books? Visually stimulating non-fiction for pre-K thru 6 including Hi-Lo books. Over 100 Teachers’ choice awards, over 100 National Science Teachers Assoc. winners!


Childs World Publishers-

Associated Imprints: Momentum (grades 3-6).  What is Child’s World? Pre – 6 non-fiction in traditional highly colorful and inventive format.  Momentum can be utilized as Hi-Lo.


Enslow Publishing-

Associated Imprints: None, owned by Rosen Publishing.  What is Enslow?  Highly reviewed elementary through high school non-fiction books and eBooks.


Gareth Stevens Publishing-

Associated Imprints: None, owned by Rosen Publishing.  What is Gareth Stevens? High interest nonfiction titles aligned to meet curriculum objectives for grades Pre-K thru 8.  Including First Concepts, Early Reader, Leveled Reader, Interactive eBooks, Hot Topics (Hi-Lo) and Crash Course Struggling Readers.


Greenhaven Publishing-

Associated Imprints:  Lucent Press, Kidhaven Publishing, owned by Rosen Publishing.

What is Greenhaven? All imprints deliver unique perspectives that give K-12+ learners access to a multiplicity of viewpoints and a depth of exploration in a wide variety of subject matter.


J. Appleseed Publisher’s Co-op

Associated Imprints of over 5,000 Fiction & NonFiction titles for grades K-12:

12 Story Library, Amicus, Bellwether, Black Rabbit Books, Jump!, Reference Point Press and Turtleback Books.  What is J. Appleseed? They are a group of independent school library publishers who have joined together to allow you to purchase in one spot combining all imprints to allow maximum awards on their many promotional items under one purchase order.  You can also run a collection analysis from their website using your MARC records.



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Lerner Publishing Group-

Associated imprints: Alternator Books, Big & Small, Bumba Books, Carolrhoda, Cloverleaf Books, Darby Creek, Ediciones Lerner, Graphic Universe, Hungry Tomato, McClintock Publishing, Millbrook Press, Scobre Educational, 21st Century, Walter Foster Publishers.  Also new: Audisee (combines text highlighting & audio narration to engage reluctant readers).  First Avenue Classics (replace your classics paperback collection with a low one-time purchase).  What is Lerner?   A family owned worldwide school & library publisher providing exceptional nonfiction and fiction books for PreK-12.


Mason Crest Publishers

Associated imprints:  None.  Since being acquired by National Highlights this publisher has seen robust expansion of many curriculum NF titles over the last 5 years.  Who is Mason Crest?  Started several years ago by the former founders of Chelsea House Publishers, this publisher specializes in non-fiction from elementary through high school.  They deal with drugs, family, health, high interest reading, military conflicts, global and country studies, American studies, contemporary issues, math & science, careers & finance, sports, nutrition & fitness as well as thematic biographies.  Print editions are free with the purchase of eBook editions.


Rosen Publishing-

Associated imprints:  In addition to the three aforementioned Rosen Company publishers, ALL Rosen companies may be combined onto a single PO for added convenience.  Rosen is also:  Bookworms, Britannica Educational Publishing, Cavendish Square, Jackdaw Primary Source Document Resource Books, PowerKids Press, Rosen Central, Rosen YA, Windmill Books.  Who is Rosen Publishing?  Headed by publishing mogul Roger Rosen, this K-12 conglomerate is a “go to” resource for curriculum assisting Informational Texts, eBooks, Bilingual, Spanish, Social Studies, Animals, All Science Disciplines, Health, Guidance, Arts, Makerspace Activities and Sports.


Rourke Educational Media

Associated imprints:  None.  Rourke was recently acquired by Carson-Delossa Publishing.  Who is Rourke Educational Media?  Rourke under Jim Colandrea is a long-time established publisher of fiction and non-fiction titles for PreK – 6.  They specialize in illustrated fiction designed to teach comprehension through leveled fiction for ages 3-6.  They also publish in science, math, social studies, Spanish and high interest for the struggling reader.  They have a current program combining eBooks with print using extremely attractive pricing (Best of Both Worlds).


Scholastic Library Publishing

Associated imprints: A True Book, Blast-Off Readers, Blast-Off Discovery, Children’s Press, Franklin Watts, Grolier, Rookie Read-About, Rookie Ready to Learn, Scholastic GO!   Who is Scholastic?  Propelled to world-wide prominence through the Harry Potter series, this company presents a wide array of titles both fiction and non-fiction via their several imprints.


(Please check the website for each publisher’s current offer… all of them are offering SOMETHING to your school or library)