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Greenhaven / KidHaven Publishing offers buy 4 books get 1 free under 40 books. With 40 books and above, buy 40 get the next 20 free, buy 50 get the next 25 free, etc.

Free shipping and free shelf-ready processing available. **All Free Books exclude current season new copyrights.


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Greenhaven-Lucent-Kidhaven Fall 2021 Order Form



Greenhaven Kidhaven Buy 4 Get 1 Free Fall 2021

EP-GS-KH All Companies Promos Fall 2021




Who is Greenhaven?

Associated Imprints:  Lucent Press, Kidhaven Publishing, owned by Rosen Publishing.

What is Greenhaven? All imprints deliver unique perspectives that give K-12+ learners access to a multiplicity of viewpoints and a depth of exploration in a wide variety of subject matter.