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Rosen Free Books, Buy 4 Get 1 Fall 2020

Rosen Free Books, Buy 40 Get 20 Fall 2020

PowerKids Fall 2020 Free Books Offer

Who is Rosen?

Associated imprints:  In addition to the three aforementioned Rosen Company publishers, ALL Rosen companies may be combined onto a single PO for added convenience.  Rosen is also:  Bookworms, Britannica Educational Publishing, Cavendish Square, Jackdaw Primary Source Document Resource Books, PowerKids Press, Rosen Central, Rosen YA, Windmill Books.  Who is Rosen Publishing?  Headed by publishing mogul Roger Rosen, this K-12 conglomerate is a “go to” resource for curriculum assisting Informational Texts, eBooks, Bilingual, Spanish, Social Studies, Animals, All Science Disciplines, Health, Guidance, Arts, Makerspace Activities and Sports.